9 Best Places to Live in South Florida for Families

South Florida is a tempting hub of the United States that dances to the beat of its rhythm, blending urban sophistication with heaven vibes. It’s a place that directly grabs the hearts of locals and travelers alike, driving them to engage in its charm, diversity, and year-round warm weather.

South Florida is where the Atlantic meets the Everglades, where palm trees sway gently in the balmy breeze, and residents revive to the serene sounds of waves splashing against powdery white sands. 

Best places to live in South Florida for families

Families move here for endless reasons, including pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, outdoor adventures, a unique mix of cultures, and a culinary scene that tempts the palate with an array of international flavors.

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South Florida surrounds a vast area, and it’s boomed over the past two years. People are coming down to take benefit of the warm weather. No state income tax and other great benefits, access to rated schools, close to the beach, the cost of living, and climate are the reasons that make South Florida the best place to live in Florida for families. 

We are wrapping the differences between South Florida Places, which location and place are right for you to raise a family in South Florida.

Now, let’s dive into it. 

Best Places to Live in South Florida for Families

1. Pinecrest 

One of the most beautiful and affluent villages for families in South Florida is Pinecrest. Pinecrest borders are from 88th Street to 136th Street north and south and from 57th Avenue to US1 east and west. 

Pinecrest, Florida - FLTrendz

Over the years, Pinecrest has consistently ranked in at least the top five of the wealthiest cities in Florida and is currently sitting at the #1 spot. 

Apart from currently being ranked #1 for the wealthiest city in South Florida, it also tops the charts for schools, parks, policing, and quality of life. 

Pinecrest was incorporated in 1996 and since then has dramatically improved as a city, and now it has become one of the best places for families to live in South Florida. 

Many old overhead hanging electrical lines have been relocated to the underground, starting with important and outdated infrastructure. It is an extensive and ongoing project with FPNL, but it is highly desirable. Pinecrest will not lose power when another inevitable and infamous hurricane hits South Florida. 

Pinecrest has also just completed another huge project of improving the city’s water system so that all its residents can access clean drinking water. The project started when the village was incorporated in 1996 or 26 years ago. It’s incredible how long these things take. 

The upper-level management of the city is also working on converting their septic systems to sewer systems, another top-ranking factor of Pinecrest. 

Some parks in Pinecrest, like Veterans wayside park, Evelyn Greer Park, and Sunnyland Park, are consistently maintained by the city’s staff and personnel for children and adults to enjoy. These parks are lustrous with beautifully manicured grounds and huge century-old trees and are big enough for some relaxation under the shade or enjoying a picnic with a family. 

Pinecrest is said to have the best private and public schools in Miami-Dade County. To name a few public schools, Pinecrest has Palmetto elementary middle and High School, Howard drive elementary, all of which are A and b schools, and a couple of private schools, Gulliver, which is a pre-K through 12th, and St. Louis Covenant. 

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Pinecrest has undersized houses built on one-acre lots, and this spaced-out development style has kept the city lush and looking beautifully residential. It’s truly a beautiful town with great residents and fun activities. 


  • Luxurious amenities 
  • Quality education 
  • No HOA fees 
  • Industrial diversity 


  • Congestion in traffic 
  • Limited housing 

2. Doral 

From Everglades to a booming city, Doral has made a long way. Founded on January 28, 2003, it is one of the 34 municipalities in Miami-Dade County and just 1 mile from Miami international airport and 12 miles from downtown Miami. Now Doral is home to over 90,000 residents.

Doral, Florida - FLTrendz

Doral has so much to offer: exciting shopping and entertainment places, gorgeous parks, and world-class golf courses. The city has nine parks where you can find different outdoor activities. 

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Doral has a big job market, which is great because it has a big job market, and it is easy to find the right position for you. The job market in Doral is diverse as it offers various options with plenty of designations in different industries. Doral has 9000 businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, and over 150 people commute daily to the route. 

It also has a diversity of amenities, and these amenities, paired with the structured market, make Doral the best place for a family to live in Florida. One of the most notable amenities is the abundance of outdoor spaces, including parks, nature preserves, and golf courses. Residents can enjoy hiking, biking, and picnicking in these gorgeous natural areas. The city also has a diverse range of shopping, from dining and entertainment options making it a great place to explore and experience new things. 

Overall Doral amenities provide the residents with a high quality of life and contribute to the city’s reputation as a great place to call home. 

Doral has been famed for its exceptional education system. Doral is recognized in rankings as the fifth-best high school city in the county and ranked one of its high schools second best in the state of Florida and the 16th-best high school nationwide. 

From apartments to condos, townhouses to single-family homes, there are many living accommodations to meet any lifestyle preference or needs. For young professionals, they are trendy highs rise luxury apartments with amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, and rooftop patios. 

From Asian Gastronomy to Caribbean and Sothern Central American, Doral has all super amazing cuisines to enjoy a great eating experience. Here residents have a variety of international foods and great healthy and delicious restaurants, including vegan and gastro bars like Sano Food, Doral machines, and pure Joe restaurants. 

Doral is the best place for a family to live in South Florida because of its wide range of job opportunities, an area of amenities, a booming employment market, ample shopping, and recreational venues, as well as cutting-edge communities with varied housing options plus delicious dining experience, so now it is easy to understand why families should choose this vibrant city. 


  • Diversity in amenities 
  • Diversity in economy 
  • Low crime rate 
  • Cultural diversity 


  • Not good for those who dislike congestion 
  • Challenging traffic 
  • Little bit expensive 
  • Limited public transportation 

3. Wellington 

Just a few years ago, Wellington, Florida’s growth has been on fire with proximity to the Palm Beach International Airport, city hall, community center, tennis, and aquatic complex; its theatre and one of the most important malls in Palm Beach County, the mall at wellington green and a lot more. 

Today Wellington offers anyone everything they may need. 

Wellingotn, Florida - FLTrendz

Many of the homes in Wellington are newer. The location was less developed just ten years ago. In areas like Miami, where there is not a piece of real estate left to develop, there are still new builds in the local housing market in Wellington. Because of its year-round entertainment, more and more people want to move to Wellington.

The school district in Wellington is one of the best in the state. There are both private and public school options to send your children. Schools are generally centered on the local communities meaning this is one of the best places to live in Florida for families with children who want to send their kids to the best schools. 

Wellington features great public and private golf courses for golfers, like Public Golf South Florida, which has great options like Oka Healy and other courses in west palm and Lake Worth areas that work quite well for anyone living in Wellington. 

With how Wellington was developed, plenty of amenities were put in the built communities. The Wellington theatre, the mall, and the local restaurants and shopping centers have made this the best place for families where people want to live. 

The job market in Wellington is strong. Wellington jobs travel across all industries, and it’s a short into the city of West Palm Beach if needed for even more access to jobs.

As house prices continue to boost and more people realize the benefits of the area of this part of the world, the access to jobs will only get stronger for Wellington homeowners. In short, Wellington is the best community to live in, with many great things to do. 


  • Broad job opportunities
  • Beautiful houses
  • Best beaches to retire 


  • Homeowner’s insurance rates are high 
  • Experience hurricanes and strong tropical storms 
  • Living cost is higher 

4. Parkland 

Parkland is a treasure located in the northwest corner of Broward County, where tranquility meets excitement and nature welcomes modern living. 

City offers the perfect blend of suburban charm and urban convenience; located just 42 miles northwest of Miami, 24 miles from Fort Lauderdale, and 14 miles to Central Boca Raton. Parkland advantages from its proximity to urban luxuries while maintaining a serene suburban charm. 

Parkland, Florida - FLTrendz

Situated at the border between Broward and Palm Beach counties, Parkland shares its northern boundary west of Boca Raton; to the east lies Coconut Creek. At the same time, Coral Springs lies down to the southwestern boundary and is embraced by the Everglades. 

Parkland is recognized as the best place to raise a family in Florida.


Parkland is the #1 best place to raise a family and professionals. The green city parkland is the epitome of suburban living, with a population of 33,500. Parkland has grown since its establishment in 1963 while maintaining a strong environmental commitment. 

Parkland takes pride in its nine stunning parks and five public schools providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and quality education. Parkland Spanning over 12.8 square miles, the city boasts a spacious and inviting atmosphere. 

The city of Parkland is all about providing recreational opportunities for everyone in the community. They have a wide range of adult sports, including co-edge softball, tennis, and men’s basketball. Parkland knows how to keep its residents entertained. 

The job market in Parkland, Florida, is thriving with diverse opportunities for job seekers. In its proximity to major urban centers like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, residents can access even more employment and business possibilities. 

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It fosters a strong sense of community engagement. It is home to diverse industries, including retail, healthcare education, and professional services. The city actively supports local businesses and collaborates with parkland business owners to encourage economic growth through various initiatives and is dedicated to working alongside businesses, both large small new, or established, to ensure a successful growing economy. 

Education in Parkland, Florida, is highly regarded as significantly shaping the city’s identity. Broward County Public Schools operate five public schools in Parkland catering to elementary, middle, and high school students. These schools are known for their strong academic programs, dedicated teachers, and supportive learning environment. 

The city has a culinary journey that will captivate your taste buds. Asia Blue restaurant offers an authentic taste of the Mediterranean with robust flavors from France, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Greece, and the Middle East. They are gourmet dishes, and the impressive wine selection makes for an unforgettable dining experience. 

Parkland is the best place for families to live in South Florida as nature thrives, families flourish, and a sense of community prevails. 


  • High-rated public schools 
  • Affluent amenities 
  • Rural feel and attraction 
  • Park zoning system 


  • Commute problems
  • Hurricanes 

5. Boca Raton 

Florida has some of the best weather in the country. Boca Raton is known for its amazing weather and these gorgeous beaches with average temperatures in the mid-70s and 80s that captivate tourists and residents on sunny days all year round. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean is always close to a stunning beach with crystal clear water. 

Boca Raton, Florida - FLTrendz

Boca Raton is a more wealthy community than other South Florida cities. Multi-million dollar homes, Lamborghinis, or Ferraris, are luxurious things that give Boca Raton the wealthiest vibe. Boca Raton is the most expensive city in the country to live in, and the lifestyle here caters to the upper class. 

This Urban Coastal City takes great pride and how clean and well-maintained the city appears. The landscaping and buildings are pristine throughout, and since it’s a fluent area, there is no trash, cigarette butts in the streets, or chipping paint on the buildings. 

The lifestyle in Boca Raton is just unmatchable regarding luxury and safety. Most neighborhoods are either gated communities or HOAs, or Country Club neighborhoods. The difference is that country clubs require membership fees and yearly dues to maintain their amenities, like the golf course, clubhouse, and others. The yards are immaculate with water fountains and other cool features. People living in these neighborhoods want to feel safe and exclusive. 

French, Spanish, Russian, and other languages are in Boca Raton greatly, but surprisingly, most residents are originally from New York. And being from New York, where good service and high standards are the norm, most people expect a remarkably high level of service. 

The public school system in Boca Raton is in the top 5 in the state and scores an 8 out of 10 within Palm Beach County. It means all the schools in Boca Raton limits are top-rated in the country. The school district’s performance is the best thing that makes families convince when they consider moving to Boca Raton. 


  • Cultural diversity 
  • Vibrant beaches and parks 
  • Economy diversity 
  • Low crime rate 


  • Risk of hurricanes 
  • Higher cost of living 

6. Coral Springs 

Coral Springs is a family-oriented city with plenty of great rental communities. Coral Springs is known for its parks, including Mullins Park, Ready Stanley Park, Forest Hills Park, and Orchid Park, along with beautiful nature walks. Life in Coral Springs is a little different. 

Coral Springs, Florida - FLTrendz

Coral Springs ranks number four out of 380 for the most diverse suburbs in Florida, and 10 out of 1300 for the most diverse place for families to live in South Florida.

The school district in Coral Springs in Broward County has upgraded and top-rated schools in the zoning territory. The school district has traditional public, magnet, and charter schools. Charter Schools are at the top of the chart in ranking.

There are private schools around as well. Some of the rated schools in the area are Coral Springs Elementary, Country Hills Elementary, Eagle Ridge Elementary, and Ramble wood Elementary. Some middle schools are Coral Springs Middle Forest, Glen Middle Ramble wood Middle, and Sawgrass Springs Middle. 

Coral Springs in South Florida is characterized by two predominant seasons summer and winter. No spring, no autumn. Humid and warm conditions with showers and thunderstorms characterize the summer season. The winter season has cooler temps, lower humidity, less rain, and hurricanes. 

Coral Springs is known for its family-friendly, thriving businesses and advanced recreational facilities. It is one of the fastest-growing cities and is now considered fully built. 


  • The welcoming attitude of the vibrant city 
  • Planned communities 
  • Amazing weather 
  • Quality education 
  • Cultural diversity 


  • Expensive housing 
  • Hurricane risks 

7. Weston 

Weston, Florida, is the westernmost and ranked #1 city in Broward County to live in South Flordia. Weston is known as a family-friendly and luxurious place to live in Florida. It is about 35 miles from Miami, 20 miles or so from Fort Lauderdale, and the city is 26 square miles in total. 

Weston, Florida - FLTrendz

It snuggles between the Everglades and borders Davey’s southwest ranches and sunrise. The location is great. The plus point of that location is that it is close to Miami and other certain things. It’s a beautiful secluded city, a master-planned community broken up into two divisions with 23 beautifully gated communities. 

Weston has many public, private, and religious schools that are highly rated. That is one of the reasons many families consider Weston moving to South Florida. Weston also has many different parks for all kinds of people and ages. 

Weston has very well-manicured roads, neighborhoods, town centers, and shops; everything is nice and pretty. Weston has a very good mix of housing options with different condos and townhomes. Still, the most important thing is that Weston is well known for single-family residential and neighborhoods with gated and non-gated communities with great amenities. 


  • Cultural diversity
  • Top-rated education environment 
  • Diversity in economy 
  • Safest neighborhoods 


  • Living costs are high 
  • Limited public transportation 

8. Coral Gables 

Coral Gables, a beautiful little area outside Miami, is the first planned community in Florida, United States. The Miami region is one of the fastest-growing cities; everybody wants to move to Miami because of its beautiful Mediterranean style. Coral Gables is largely Hispanic, and there is much to absorb in the culture. 

Well-known and renowned public and private schools, including the University of Miami, are here in Coral Gables. Families in Coral Gables have easy access to each facility or luxury they ever need, and the living standards are so economical, and that’s a big plus point that makes Coral Gables the best place for a family to live in Florida.

Coral Gables, Florida - FLTrendz

Without any doubt, Coral Gables has many great things to do here, and there are a lot of cultures for your family to soak in. To give a bit of substance and genuineness, Coral Gables is the best place to be. Not just the suburban plastic life a little bit something more real there is a lot to experience here. 

This place offers its residents diversity in experiences. It has cuisine from all across Latin America, clean and safe neighborhoods, numerous events and music-related activities, and a rich culture that alternates between various Caribbean, Central American, and South American influences. 

Families with children should expose them to something more real, authentic, and genuine Coral Gables would be a good option. 


  • Urban Suburban Feel 
  • Top rated schools 
  • Low crime rate 
  • Diversity in amenities 
  • Safest city to live 


  • Congestion Problem
  • Expensive housing 
  • High humidity 

9. Cooper City

Cooper City is one of the smallest cities in Broward County, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, located directly above Pembroke Pines and just south of Davie, Florida. The things in Cooper City are not dropping in value, but the market is officially flat year over year. 

Cooper City, Florida - FLTrendz

The only community in cooper city was built on the west side of Flamingo Road. It is the only area where different elementary schools are assigned. Hawk Bluff Elementary is an excellent school, but it takes almost 15 minutes to drive to reach the school. They have a lot of after-school activities like media centers, extracurricular, and other stuff like that. 

The community in cooper city is gated and 24 hours strict security with many different biking and walking tracks. The community has splashed, calling swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centers, game rooms, pool tables, and all other luxurious comforts. 


  • Warm and sunny weather year-round
  • Affluent community 
  • A vibrant city with beautiful parks, malls, and dining spots 
  • Well-maintained city and family-friendly 


  • Hurricanes 
  • High humidity in summers 
  • Expensive housing 

3 Top Counties as Best places to live in South Florida for Families 

Miami County, South Florida

When people hear South Florida, they immediately think of Miami, the most popular and culturally diverse city in Florida. People view Miami as the luxurious capital of the state. But it is also the financial and cultural hub of all of South Florida. 

Did you know? Miami is the second largest city in population, with 6.4 million residents, just being beaten out by Jacksonville, which took the #1 spot. 

Miami-Dade is the largest county in Florida, with 34 incorporated cities. Now with that being said, only some cities fall into the party category, and there are housing options for middle and working-class people outside of the millionaires and celebrities that live close to the beach. However, unlike other parts of Florida, Miami is known for attracting Hollywood celebrities. 

People love to live in Miami, especially Gen Z and young millennial that consume the Glitz and the Galm on social media. It is important to note that Miami is home to all walks of life and ages. 

Most people living here are from elsewhere, other countries, and other states. You will hear conversations in different languages, whether Spanish, Russian, French, or Chinese; Miami has many different cultures. But that’s really what the residents here love the most.

It’s a melting pot with plenty of activities and action all year round. Since it is a tropical climate, the weather rarely drops below 50 degrees, unlike other cities in Central and North Florida. 

Miami is the best place for a family to live in Florida because hundreds of top tech companies, finance, hospitality, and healthcare companies are in Miami or downtown. Miami attracts wealth from all over the world; builders are focused on luxury living in high-rise developments.

Miami accounts for 24 of the nation’s international home buyers from Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Russia. Also, for food lovers, Miami took the #1 spot in all the counties of South Florida. From Cuban to Indian to Russian to Brazilians food and pretty much is to find in Miami. So, Miami is the best place to live in South Florida. 

Broward County, South Florida

Florida’s second-largest metro area is only 30 miles north of Miami, so it’s close. Broward County has 24 incorporated cities, 31 municipalities, and numerous unincorporated areas. Like Miami, Fort Lauderdale in Broward County has beautiful beaches, a warm climate, a hub for tourism, corporations, healthcare facilities, entertainment, and a thriving downtown scene. It is also saying that it is a watered-down version of Miami but not in a negative way. 

People often find that Broward County is more affordable than Miami, with a bit less traffic. Broward County contains top suburbs and neighborhoods in South Florida. 

Like Miami, Fort Lauderdale has a large international community and a tourist hotspot, especially near the beach. The population is blended, Florida natives, snowbirds, and Canadians from states like Ney York, New Jersey now even California. Fort Lauderdale is also home to Las Olas Boulevard and numerous charming historic districts. 

Palm Beach County, South Florida

Palm Beach County is just north of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, and it’s about roughly an hour from Miami Beach. It’s the third largest population, with 1.5 million residents.

It is also wealthier, especially in Palm Beach Island, Manalapan, Boca Raton, and Jupiter. Its home to billionaires, CEOs, and celebrities like Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy. 

Palm Beach also offers well-renowned beach towns such as Delray Beach, highland beach, and Jupiter, which are more low-key than some beach towns down south. Palm Beach is home to Miralago, billionaires’ row, worth ave, and the Breakers’ upscale coastal living. 

Palm Beach offers housing with more affordable pricing, especially in a suburb out west around Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Palm Beach gardens, and royal palm beach. Palm Beach County was the top county in Florida where people migrated in the last three years. 

Due to top-rated school districts, which is the main factor people choose when they want to move. There are plenty of rated schools and private schools to choose from, as well as universities such as Florida Atlantic University, Lynn University, and Palm Beach state college; in fact, many people come here for school, and they want to stay for the rest of the life because they love it. 

Over the years, the west palm area has been booming in real estate development, the number one industry here. 

Fun fact: Did you know that the county is a leading producer of sugar and corn? 

Another thing people are often surprised by is the number of new construction opportunities in Palm Beach; the area has more ongoing new construction developments in planned single-family home communities. 

Palm Beach is also home to the state’s first Agrihood called Arden, located in the unincorporated Palm Beach, where homeowners can access their own sustainable farmers market and other amenities. 

Condo life, open single-family communities, and gated communities are increasing here rapidly. It’s no surprise that Palm Beach has the most retirement and active adult communities and country clubs out of all three counties, and it is considered one of the top places to retire here on the east coast of Florida. 

Clematis Street has nightlife and entertainment, and you can explore the square. There are plenty of beautiful homes to drive by in the historic districts like Prospect Park, old Northwood, Flamingo Park, and South of west palm.

Palm Beach offers plenty of cultural experiences and fun activities for singles and families with children, such as Flagler Museum, Palm Beach zoo, the lion country safari, rapids Water Park, shopping at the town center Mall or Meisner Park in Boca, children’s Exploratorium at Sugar Sand Park and so much to list. 


South Florida is truly the best place to live, from the thrill of airboat rides in the Everglades, the delectable culinary delights, and the vibrant nightlife to the serene beaches. 

After detailed and comprehensive research, we have compiled data on the absolute best places to live in South Florida for families, including locations related to lifestyles, family-friendly things to do with kids, top-rated schools, public school districts, individual communities, and everything between. We have picked our completely biased favorites. 


Parkland, Coral Springs, Wellington, Boca Raton, Doral, and Coral Gables are the top in best cities to raise a family in South Florida because whatever a family needs to raise their kids with a luxurious lifestyle and within the safest communities, these cities have everything to offer. 

Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Miami, and West Palm Beach are the best places to live in South Florida, with their vibrant beaches and communities. 

With a tropical climate and heavenly vibes, South Florida is the best place to live. The wonderful beaches, the gated and non-gated communities, booming businesses and job markets, top-rated school districts, and the year-round greenery with an abundance of parks in the cities make South Florida a perfect destination. 

The housing market in South Florida is hot, mainly after the pandemic when a great population moved to Florida. The overpopulated cities are congesting affordability. 

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