How to Sell Vacant Land in Florida – Unlock the Top Secret Guide

Buckling up buyers and renters, Let’s jump into the puzzle of how to sell vacant land in Florida as the state is set to remain a seller’s market because it is growing fast and nonstop.

Florida vacant land values are now up more than 30% and are predicted to go higher through next year, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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It’s something, and it’s great if you own vacant land or infill land in Florida. Not so great if you are a buyer or renter.

According to Florida’s Realtors, vacant land sales have spiked nearly 23% compared to the last 2 years. Inventory in the vacant lands of Florida is going quickly. Within a matter of 24,48,72 hours, you can have as many.

Not only is this thing driving cash flow fast by selling vacant lands but it is also seen that people are moving their companies because of Florida taxes.

How to Sell Vacant Land in Florida 

Selling a vacant in Florida with authentic stats and the correct information so sellers can find the best value for the land is a breeze.

How to sell vacant land in Florida - FLTrendz

In this article, we are breaking the beds and providing you with the basic to advance necessary details so that sellers know the handling of clear and transparent documentation of parcels and the marketing of the properties to genuine buyers. 

Let us make it easygoing for sellers to sell vacant land in Florida. In this article, we will show you where you should sell your vacant land in Florida and how to maximize value and sell them as quickly as possible.

Let’s dive in.

Top 5 Websites to sell vacant land in Florida

When people are first getting started in this business, there’s a lot of confusion in words of looking at buying a deal, how to sell the land, where to sell it, what are the best places to market it, and should people spending money on marketing, should they use the free platforms, we are listing some top ranking online platforms where you can register your vacant land and sell it.

There are only a few places where you should invest time and money in listing your properties. 

Land websites are a great spot where many legit land buyers are looking; that can be expensive every month. If it’s in your budget and you have the room, then make sure you want to post there.


First and foremost, the network of sites owned by Costar. They did a roll-up where they went through the land industry and bought every listing website worth its salt, including, Land and Farm, LandWatch, Land of Texas, and so on.

It’s all held under one umbrella that goes by, a paid platform, and they run this through monthly subscriptions, and you typically have an annual contract, and truth be told, it does get pricey.

Unfortunately, they have a monopoly within the industry. If you want to use one of those sites, you must get a subscription for all of them, like a signature partner on their website.


Best free real estate website for home sales and rentals; usually, it is not for selling vacant lands, although you can list your vacant land just, unlike the Facebook marketplace. requires verification to make you an authentic seller so buyers can know you are a verified seller. Not too hectic, the verification process is easy, and verified users have smooth and responsive transaction methods that remain secure.

Upon listing vacant land on, a phone call you will receive where they ask for the zip code of the parcel and your asking price. They have no fixed time to make a call, but it is a compulsory process and can be done within 48 hours.

Carefully enter the zip code of your parcel, and the asking price so the process should be secured and smooth and the buyer can trust that you are responsive. 

Always double-check your information before submitting it for final approval so that the experience remains user-friendly.


Craigslist can be your go-to if you want to sell your land fast. One of the main benefits that Craigslist provides for a better user experience is that it doesn’t require users to create an account before submitting listings.

Craigslist is an excellent way to get good leads, but more than just posting once is needed. Be proactive about selling on Craigslist.

You don’t need to include photos, videos, or maps of your vacant land in Florida. This simplicity is a big plus point, making it easier to sell vacant lands quickly.

Put a summary about the property in a particular way for your ad. put enough to get their information but not so much that they have no reason to call you because that’s the goal here to get them to contact you that way. You can talk to them, build rapport and sell it to them.

Tell them where the closest cities are and the utility situations. If they want another price, be flexible. 

Be proactive; hire people on Upwork to do this task inexpensively. You might start doing it, get bored or tired after a few days, and quit. Outsourcing can be a more sustainable solution.

Familiarity with Craigslist varies from location to location, and factors like time and place influence the reach of your listings. While this seems overwhelming, Craigslist remains the best choice if you want a quick sale and fast cash.


On this platform, investors actively aim for vacant lands to invest their capital for the future, focusing on potential and infilling vacant lands in Florida. helps investors to find unrestricted vacant land in nearby areas and fosters reliable deals with sellers.

The outstanding advantage of this platform is the number of interested investors. You won’t have just one buyer; instead, numerous investors will simultaneously depict interest in your land. 

The best part is that deals can be finalized within a few hours or, at most, a day, and the entire transaction process is stress-free. If you are not experienced with real estate transactions, the investors will handle everything and make the closing process easier for you. is the perfect choice if you’re in a rush to sell your land and need quick cash. While investors don’t offer high amounts as real estate dealers and builders, they provide fast cash, making it a great choice if you need an immediate sale.

5. is providing both options, the free one and the paid one, to make their platform dedicated and more effortless.

Usually, the listings are free in the free mode of this platform, and the selling and buying process runs smoothly and generally, as it should. While in the paid method of listing, it is for those who want their land to be in front of buyers so that they can get buyers on the first come.

The best part is that the paid mode is not too expensive. Making an ad or creating a list requires a few cents. And it goes up to a few dollars depending upon the location and the listings. brings the target audience to its users as the buyers here are particularly looking for only vacant lands in Florida. So, this platform is unique for the sellers and specific one that is the right place with no hassle. Join it now and let your land meet with the buyer.

How to Sell Land In Florida (4 Secrets before listing a land) – Something Outside the Box

1. Pricing

Two things will prevent a piece of vacant land from selling. One is having lousy access, and the second is being overpriced. Make sure you get that right from the beginning. The easiest way to do that is to check comparisons.

1.1 Check Comparable

Use the free website lands of; it’s perfect because they have a mapping function that allows you to zoom in on your parcel and see what’s around you and for sale. And see how much everything else is listed for, and once you find your property, if there’s nothing very similar or close, you can zoom out and start seeing like-minded property’s problems are identical to yours.

2. Photos and Videos

Photos are binding aspects of your sales process because almost everyone starts their search online. So be able to paint a picture get these people’s attention, and draw them in.

Great photos and high-quality photos with different angles will help do this.

One thing that bothers, when people are trying to sell land, and the only thing they have up are just parcel maps that they took off of Google Earth that tell you nothing, and it says that the person selling land is lazy.

As people spend a lot of money on your land, and you want them to want it, try to hire someone on Craigslist, Facebook, and a local photographer. Let them go on the ground and take photos of the road so people can see what kind of entries there are, all the trees, or whatever’s particular about that land. 

Sometimes, if there’s a unique tree, take photos of that, like a desert piece of land, and capture the image. It will get someone’s attention.

Shots from up above, too, if you can. That’s when a drone photographer will come in handy because they can fly their drone up above the land and shoot it down at different angles. Even making a good video sells to people. Ensure you spend a little bit of money; this is not expensive.

After getting photos and videos, write killer ad copy to get their attention and sell the dream because these people have yet to go to the land. They are only focusing online right now. So write a story that sells. 

When someone clicks on your ad, don’t go typical like say hello, 5 acres for sale for $10,000; call me. That’s not going to work; paint the picture of what’s unique about the land, how far it is from local cities, does it have water, how you get water, does it have electricity, what kind of memories families can create, is it perfect for shooting or hunting, get descriptive, the more you put in, the more you sell the dream, the better off it will be.

Also, put directions in there from the closest cities, and tell them everything they need to know. 

With good photos and videos and a killer ad copy, now you should be everywhere and offer a reasonable asking price. Put all these killer details everywhere; find out where your buyer comes from. 

3. Hiring a Realtor

The most important and easiest thing is to hire a realtor. Confirm you are consolidating on a land-specific agent who deals in land rather than traditional house realtors. 

The person who spends most of the time in the woods knows it like the back of their hand, and many of those offices are generational, meaning grandpa started the business, and then dad took it over. Now the son or daughter is being prepped to take it over. They have a database of buyers, and they can sell vacant land well. 

There will be times when you want to sell it yourself, so you have got to know how to do that, and so going back to everywhere, the first thing to do is neighbor letters.

Neighbor letters are a killer way to get leads to sell your land. What you are doing there is finding all the information about the people around you.

4. Facebook Groups

You may have friends who want to buy land and don’t know about it. Join the local Facebook groups where your property is.

There will be rules in the groups, so make sure to follow those rules, then list your land there because there will be people in the community looking for vacant land in Florida.

Sometimes you will get a lot of comments on Facebook, and some of them will not be great, so deal with that, confront the haters straight on, and then make sure you are responding to everybody who shows any interest.

4.1 Sponsored Ads

You can go on Facebook and draw a radius around your land 50 miles, 100 miles, and 200 miles, whatever that’s going to be. You can pay to have that get out there the sponsored ad that you see coming down your wall. It can be one of those. 

Now, this can get tricky. You can spend a lot of money on it because they do pay-per-view and pay-per-click, like setting a budget for your day.

If you are going to do that five dollars a day, an ad, spend whatever you are comfortable with but get out there and put it all on social media. You can use YouTube if you have a drone video made. Put that on YouTube.

If you are going to TikTok on Instagram on any of that stuff on any social media platform, make sure you are posting it there. 

How to sell land in Florida quickly?

The best way to sell your land quickly is by giving the buyers what they want—a piece of property already approved by the town and is a buildable lot. If there are challenges on the land, such as wetlands that the city has not supported, it can slow the building process and discourage buyers.

To effectively sell your property:

  • Understand your buyer
  • Determine Sales Method
  • Work with Professionals

Consider the type of property you are selling—is it residential with good road access or more remote and oriented towards hunting or camping?

Once you know your target buyer, tailor your marketing strategy, whether through ads or personal interactions.

You don’t want to deal with it, either. You are like, sell the land, and you can do that; that is the easier way to do it, but it will sell slowly.

It will sit on the market longer, probably for months, sometimes up to a year, if the proper procedures are not taken to make it buildable quickly. And in today’s world, people want things quickly. 

Make it easier for a buyer by getting some leg work done and building that cost; you invest the land into the list price.

It works out well for both parties, buyer and seller. You need to find a realtor who can hook you up with contractors to help you get what you need to be done.

Tip: If you want your land to sell very quickly, it is essential to make sure it is priced correctly for the market; that’s much harder to do with land than with a home. 

As land varies greatly, the grade of it, the slope, the wetlands, the frontage, and the setbacks must be considered when comparing different pieces of land. And having a realtor experience with land who knows how to price it and can open it at the correct market value will be recognized by buyers. They are going to value that, and it will sell quicker.

Value of Land

It depends on where the land is located. Two types of land to consider; the first one is infill land, covered by existing development or having demolishing structures to set up new vacant land. 

Infill land carries significant value because builders prefer areas with existing infrastructure, people, and liquidity. On the other hand, vacant land on the city’s outskirts may have a lower value than infill land.


Selling vacant land in Florida is fast due to the state’s continuous growth and booming developments. Buyers and investors are increasingly interested in Florida, with companies rapidly relocating here and new businesses, residents, and tourists flocking to the area.

This guide provides the best strategies to effectively address the challenge of how to sell vacant land in Florida.

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