Mobile Homes For Sale In Florida Under $10000: Best Guide


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Single Wide in Lakeland, Florida, for $9,900

Single Wide in Lakeland Florida for 9900 - FLTrendz

This snug one-bedroom, two-bathroom home is perfect for downsizing while enjoying comfort. Having an extra bathroom makes this Lakeland property even more convenient. For more information, click here to contact the listing agent.

1986 Single Wide in Avon Park, Florida, for $10,000

1986 Single Wide in Avon Park Florida for 10000 - FLTrendz

This one-bedroom mobile home is at 2170 E Camp N Comfort Ln, Avon Park, FL 33825. Built in 1986, it provides plenty of room for comfortable living at an unbeatable price. To get more details, click here to contact the listing agent.

Mobile home for sale in Loxahatchee, Florida

Mobile home for sale in Loxahatchee Florida - FLTrendz

This budget-friendly mobile home is available for sale for $10,000. Visit the link for further details.

Mobile homes for sale in Florida under $10000

Florida’s affordability and endless sunshine have attracted retirees and snowbirds for years.

On average, Americans live in their homes for about 13 years, but the typical duration in a mobile home is less than 8 years. 

Despite increasing mobile home prices nationwide, affordable Florida and the U.S. offer investment opportunities with above-market returns.

Inland mobile homes can be found for sale in Florida for $10,000, where to locate them and what to desire. 

Before you start an online mobile home search, evaluate how long you plan to stay in your current home and the new mobile home, as well as any expected adaptations. Are you looking for temporary or permanent housing?

Our guide will help you find budget-friendly mobile homes in the Sunshine State. It also covers the pros and cons of such purchases and offers investment tips for maximizing profits through flipping or renting.

Moving can be stressful, so prioritize your must-haves, like school access or extra bathrooms, while staying within your budget. If buying a budget-friendly mobile home, focus on top priorities, as they only offer limited commodities.

Once your priorities are clear, search online for a mobile home that fits your budget and needs.

Florida Mobile Homes: What to Expect for $10,000

Mobile homes under $10,000 may seem in poor condition, but that is only sometimes valid.

Mobile homes in Florida - FLTrendz

Let’s get into the details and set clear expectations.


First, check out older homes in this price range, like ones from the 80s or 90s. It’s like finding a fabulous vintage pair of jeans. These houses will only have some fancy modern stuff, but they have a lot of qualities and trance. 


Not all Florida mobile homes under $10,000 are single-wide; it depends on location and condition. Consider size, layout, and family needs if planning to live there long-term. Some are fixer-uppers due to conditions requiring repairs like roofing, painting, or flooring and financing extra for repairs if planning to live in it.


Due to their age, these homes may have wear and tear. Some need paint, others more significant repairs. It’s an opportunity to customize with some effort.

Mobile Home Location 

Finding a cheap mobile home under $10,000 in Florida can be challenging, with location being a key factor.

Desirable features include proximity to urban areas, low traffic, green spaces, waterfront/mountain views, and walkability. Undesirable locations near noisy areas or far from rudimentary services can lower prices.

Preferences play a role, and subjective factors influence the cost. While there are affordable places in Florida, not all in expensive areas are costly, and there are exceptions.

Cheap mobile homes can be found throughout Florida, except in affluent neighborhoods.

Lot Rents

Finally, some homes in parks with lot rents deviate by location; consider this in your budget. A Florida mobile home in this price range is like a thrift store find – older but full of potential and charm. With some effort, you can turn it into a delightful Florida home. 

Tips for Affordable Florida Mobile Homes

Set on your adventure hats as we uncover how to find mobile homes for sale in Florida for $10,000. Find insider tips for a smooth search, like a serene Florida beach at low tide.

Discover new opportunities 

First, look at many places, not just one. You can start online, where you will find options with a simple click. Check local newspapers; sometimes, you can find great deals in their ads. And real estate agents can be valuable because they know much about the area.

Master the art of negotiating

Next, get better at uttering about the price. Negotiating sounds scary, but think of it like a dance. You and the seller are working together to find the right price. Feel free to offer a lower price than what they’re asking for. You will be surprised by what you can compromise on. 


Now, have inspections as your practical map on this expedition. They guide you through any issues, like repairs or rules you must follow. Before buying, consult with a real estate expert to inspect the place. It costs a bit upfront but prevents big shocks later.


Is it not amazing how affordable mobile homes are in Florida? You can find cozy and comfortable homes for $10,000. It unlocks compelling possibilities for anyone searching for a compact or ample mobile home. Florida’s mobile home market has wonders for everyone.

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