Le’Keian Woods Case: Jacksonville man ‘brutally beaten’ by 3 best police officers

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A person recorded a video during a traffic stop in which a man was beaten by three police officers in the middle of the road. The man, whose name was Wood, was surrounded by three police officers outside the vehicle in northeast Florida. Police officers were beating him so crucially that his eyes were swell. His face looked like he went over the 12 rounds with a professional boxer.

Le’Keian Woods Case: Jacksonville Man Brutally Beaten by Police During Traffic Stop, Family Claims

On Friday, a force was used to take the 24-year-old Le’Keian Wood into custody. The agency was conducting an administrative review to determine if there was a violation of law during this custody. The Sheriff’s office claimed, “all the actions taken by officers of agency were based on inappropriate use of force.” The Sheriff’s office also refused to comment because the investigation was proceeding further.

In the video, man was chest down on the grass beside the car, and one officer was slamming Wood’s head into the ground, he was handcuffed and was unable to sit up on his own.

The video from Woods’ lawyer, Harry Daniels, shows three officers pinning Woods to the ground beside a car. One officer seems to push Woods’ head into the ground forcefully. After they handcuff him, Woods can’t sit up alone and is held up by an officer’s legs. Eventually, he has difficulty trying to stand.

Daniel told the press that his condition was serious when he was taken to the hospital. And doctors said that he was lucky to be alive. The video in which officers were assaulting him, slamming and tossing him around while he was handcuffed and defenseless, is not enough to convince you that these police officers should be off the street.

This traffic stop incident occurred after a month of racist attacks in which a white man attacked a Dollar General Store and killed three black people who were neighbors of Wood. Online records revealed that he was in custody due to charges of armed traffic of methamphetamine, armed possession of controlled substances, armed traffic of cocaine, violence against an officer while resisting, and probation violation.

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