Our Unbiased Review Process

FLTrendz is powered by competent, experienced, and adept writers to lead our product, software, brands, and service recommendations that result in unbiased, trustworthy, and helpful reviews you can rely on.

As experienced writers and editors, we obsessively scour the retail landscape (both online and off) to find the best products for you. Although we’re experts in our fields, we’re also consumers, and we’re passionate about products and services that make your life easier.

The following section outlines the processes in that FLTrendz maintains strict independence between the editorial process by which products and services are evaluated and the sales staff’s role in developing relationships that have no bearing on the scores and rankings. Clicking on a link does result in us making money on some, but not all, of the products and services we recommend.

Review Process

1. Approval from the Senior Editor

With decades of experience in producing objective and insightful content, our senior editorial team oversees all product reviews. While we are committed to ensuring that our content and team reflect a diversity of perspectives, we don’t do it alone.

Our team of current and former industry practitioners, as well as professionals who are dedicated to reporting on the respective services spaces, reviews all providers and products in this area.

2. Gathering Insights into a particular Product, Brand, Software, or Service

As part of our deep understanding of an industry, we examine the universe of companies, products, or services we should consider.

In order to rate the products and services of those companies, we develop an in-depth scoring methodology. After that, we gather the data and calculate the comparative rating which is solely based on your findings.

3. Generating Value-added Content

Then, our expert writers write reviews based on facts! There are always pros and cons to a particular item we review, even in ‘top 10’ lists.

Our reviews are solely unbiased and we don’t compromise our editor policy for paid promotions. However, if you want us to review your product, brand, service, or any digital software you are welcome to submit us a pitch through this form.

We have a strict check on readability, SEO, and other KPIs that contribute to a good user experience while writing the content. Consequently, you may also see a number of insightful infographics.

4. Content Auditing, Proof-reading & Final Approval

The content writing team sends their writings to senior editors for analysis to determine whether it is delivering the right information. After this, the content is ready for the FLTrendz audience.

5. Keeping Our Audience Updated with Latest Information

Our content is never outdated under any circumstances! Our research team consistently checks the daily updates, launchings, releases, merits, and demerits to make sure our audience is being served with up-to-date information.

What do we Usually Review?

Business: We review businesses that sell or offer some sort of service either worldwide, nationally, or specifically in a local area.

Brands: We review most e-commerce, digital agencies, SaaS, and a wide range of brands.

Product: We review products in all categories.

Service: We review the services of any local business, digital entrepreneur, etc.

Apps: We review mobile apps based on a particular use case.

Softwares: We review online, desktop, and all other software.

What you Can Expect?

We carefully research and recommend a broad range of products and ultimately make a curated list of solely editorial recommendations from writers who have expert knowledge about every product category we cover.

We review and update all of our products regularly to ensure that they are always in stock, available, accurate, and helpful.

The recommended products for commercial settings are as diverse as the commercial products themselves, and they include everything from tech to daily life.