Best Lineman Schools In Florida : September 2023 Ranking

Find the list of the top 9 best lineman schools in Florida for 2023. Learn about how much it costs and what you are required for admission. We have disclosed the details of how much these programs cost. Read it thoroughly, choose the best school, and qualify for a dream job.

A Florida lineman works for utilities, focusing on power line maintenance to keep electricity flowing to homes and businesses.

9 Top Lineman Schools In Florida 

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Florida has incredible options for lineman schools. Wondering which one is the best? Interested in finding the most affordable option? Curious about which school is the most convenient for you? We have covered all these topics, including schooling costs and financial aid possibilities. Let’s begin with ranking the top 9 best lineman schools in Florida.

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1 – Valencia College, Orlando 

Valencia College is a school in Orlando, Florida. It’s a public college and is part of a bigger group of Florida colleges. The school started in 1967 and was first called Valencia Junior College. They changed the name in 2010 because they started offering more advanced degrees.

Valencia College offers a top lineman program for $9,000 a year. The Lineman program lasts two semesters and costs a bit, but it’s worth it for the rewarding career it offers.

Valencia College enables students to employ strong math skills and sufficient vision to conduct jobs effectively. Students will also receive instruction on harnessing their physical strength because working on high-voltage lines requires climbing poles or carrying heavy equipment.

Also, becoming an electrician supports students in moving up in their careers or going to a higher-level school for more expertise and certification in their field.

2 – Lake-Sumter State College, Sumterville 

Lake Sumter, located in Sumterville, is one of the best lineman schools in Florida, with an annual tuition of $18,000. The quality of education justifies the cost. 

Since 1999, Lake Sumter State College has been contributing to an electrical lineman program that has thrived, attracting students interested in aerial lineman training. This two-year program includes part-time, in-person classes accredited by authoritative educational bodies. 

Students are well-prepared to understand electrical power distribution and principles. After completing their degree, students can execute complete electric line installations and have the option to pursue higher-level studies.

3 – CDA Technical Institute, Jacksonville 

CDA Technical Institute offers a lineworker program. The program’s total cost is unspecified, but the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges accredits it. They have developed a curriculum and learning environment to train students in the essential skills needed for becoming skilled linemen. They also offer a vocational rehabilitation program that provides eligible students full tuition reimbursement. Classes are conducted in person at the Jacksonville campus, with a reasonable class size, and the staff provides 24/7 support.

4 – Northwest Lineman College, Edgewater 

Northwest Lineman College, a training center in Florida, offers an excellent educational opportunity in a great location. Students need to apply a year in advance, and the tuition fee is relatively high at $18,800. 

However, the program they offer for electrical work is impressive, covering truck driving, first aid, pole climbing, and other essential skills for becoming a skilled electrician or Lineman. NLC boasts the highest employment rate in Florida, whether in the private or public sector, which is impressive. 

The institution stands out because it provides online, hybrid, and on-campus programs with a wide range of concentrations, from commercial power to industrial electronics. 

Programs highlight hands-on experience, allowing students to gain 20 weeks of real-time job experience. Additionally, the university offers a well-organized program for aspiring energy entrepreneurs to learn about business opportunities and skills needed in the energy sector. Notably, NLC has received an A-grade rating from the Better Business Bureau.

5 – Gulf Coast State College Powerline Worker Program, Panama City 

Gulf Coast State College is a public college in Panama City, Florida. It’s also a great place for lineman training, equipped with all the necessary tools for fieldwork.

The best part is that it offers an affordable education, with an annual tuition and fees of only $4,019.

Established in 1957, Gulf Coast State College is one of Florida’s oldest lineman schools. They offer comprehensive training and apprenticeship programs in various degree courses, including Electrical Apprenticeship, catering to both beginners and continuing students.

With multiple campuses across the state, GCSC is easily accessible, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking lineman schools in Florida.

6 – Petersburg College Powerline Worker Training Program 

St. Petersburg College offers steadfast lineman training that wraps the basics within tuition and fees of $ 6,195.

When deciding on a school for your certification, choosing one with a robust reputation in lineman training is required. St. Petersburg College stands out in this respect and holds accreditation from relevant governing bodies.

Additionally, it receives consistently high ratings from both students and teachers.

St. Petersburg College is the top lineman school in Florida. It’s where you can start as a beginner and emerge as a skilled professional, fully prepared for any lineman job.

An extra perk of their Lineman Program is that it includes a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which is fantastic.

7 – South Florida State College Line worker Program, Avon Park 

South Florida State College provides an associate degree and certificate in electrical technology, which are excellent starting points for aspiring electricians.

SFSC is a top-notch school offering a range of online degrees through its Center for Lifelong Learning.

Students often gain hands-on experience in an outdoor lab, preparing them well for real-world jobs in the field.

8 – Santa Fe College Electrical Lineman Technology Program, Gainesville 

Santa Fe College is a college worth considering. Their program is top-notch, with highly skilled and efficient trainers.

This public university is in Gainesville, Florida, with additional campuses in Alachua and Bradford counties. It’s part of the Florida College System.

The school is highly recommended and offers annual tuition and fees ranging from $1,600 to $6,500.

One of the largest community colleges in U.S. Florida has a strong reputation for electrical and computer technology training and is widely regarded as Florida’s best lineman school.

Their Electrical Lineman Technology Program is highly anticipated and prepares students for careers with electric power companies. The College boasts over 75 years of history.

Given that most linemen work on job sites worldwide, the program focuses on equipping students with the technical skills needed to work safely and efficiently.

Whether you plan to work for an electric company in Gainesville or anywhere else, this program covers everything you need to know before starting your career. It even includes classroom instruction in math and science to help you pass licensing exams after graduation. Tuition costs vary; you can find a list of their education and fees on their website.

9 – Indian River State College Powerline Worker Program, Fort Pierce 

A public college in Fort Pierce Florida Indian River State College IRSC is another top lineman program in Florida, but it has high tuition fees.

IRSC offers one of the best electrical program curriculums in the state, making it one of Florida’s premier lineman schools.

Their four-year program in Vero Beach covers general studies, technical studies, industrial basics, and electrical fundamentals. It’s designed to prepare students for distribution lines, substations, and high-voltage transmission line maintenance careers.

Tuition costs are different because of different locations, contact the school for more information about financing your education.

Other Lineman Schools In Florida

The list is not limited to just this; there’s much more to add. Other schools that are ranked are as follows:

1 – Associated Builders & Contractors Institute Lineman Program 

2 – Electrical Apprenticeship

3 – Jacksonville Academy Electrical

4 – NEFBA Apprenticeship

5 – Florida Coast Career Tech.

5 – J-Tech Institute

6 – Southeast Lineman Training Center

7 – Chiles High School

8 – Lincoln High School

9 – Lively Tech

10 – Florida Electrical Apprenticeship and Training

11 – Jacksonville Electrical Florida

12 – Gainesville Electrical Joint

13 – Central FL Electrical JATC

14 – Miami Joint Electrical

15 – Georgia Piedmont Technical College Lineman Program

16 – Elite Lineman Training Institute 

Admission Requirements 

Admission to colleges or skill training academies typically has specific requirements. For Lineman Schools in Florida:

  • Complete high school or obtain a GED certificate.
  • Gain a minimum of one year of construction equipment experience after schooling.

Best Paying Lineman’s Job in Florida 

In 2020, entry-level linemen with 0-5 years of experience earned an average of $52,350 annually, with the lowest 10% earning under $31,685 and the top 10% making $85,250.

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Different lineman jobs and their salary ranges include:

  • Power Lineman: $59,500-$88,000 per year. Responsibilities include installing and maintaining electrical lines, performing construction work, equipment operation, and working in various weather conditions.
  • Electrical Lineman: $65,000-$76,000 per year. Tasks involve installing and maintaining power lines, repairing transformers, and restoring electrical service.
  • Lineman Apprentice: $33,500-$61,000 per year. Apprentices assist in constructing and maintaining electrical power systems, learn on the job, and earn a salary.
  • Aerial Lineman: $38,000-$57,000 per year. Responsibilities include working on overhead or buried power lines, climbing poles or towers, and using specialized tools.
  • Wireline Operator: $36,000-$51,000 per year. Job duties involve installing cabling in gas or oil wells, project design, data analysis, drilling, and equipment maintenance.


When searching for lineman schools in Florida, it’s essential to consider tuition, location, training areas, and reputation. Here are the top-ranked lineman schools for training and completing your education. Graduating from any of these schools will prepare students to become skilled journeyman linemen.


The program is over 270+ hours, encompassing hands-on experience in the electrical lineworker program and distribution and subjects such as rigging and climbing, operating trucks and excavating equipment, basic electricity for workers, CAST test preparations, and safe work practices.

We have listed the best lineman schools in Florida above. However, if you want our top picks, they are:

North American Lineman Training Center.

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.

Northwest Lineman College.

Linemen Institute of the North East.

Alaska Electrical Apprenticeship.

The California-Nevada Power Lineman Apprenticeship Program is a four-year “earn while you learn” school. It includes at least 7,000 hours of on-the-job training and academic classes.

A lineman apprenticeship is a learning job where you earn while you learn. It’s an entry-level role focused on education and training. In Florida, having a CDL and attending a line school can boost your chances of getting in.

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