8 Best Places to Live in Florida Panhandle 

Explore Top Places To Call Home 

With a hot economy, Florida is open and offers something out of the box for people looking for the best places to live in Florida Panhandle.

The northwest part of Florida in the United States is the charming and loveable Florida Panhandle. Panhandle is perfect with rich opportunities to live and enjoy an ideal lifestyle and runs about 200 miles.

We have explored and uncovered the best places to live in the Florida Panhandle with several reasons to live. These prosperous cities are famous tourist places, quite safe and enjoyable, and many more. 

The Big Bend region of Florida encloses Florida Panhandle to the East, Alabama to the West, the Gulf of Mexico to the South, and Georgia to the North. It welcomes all the Florida beaches along the Emerald Coast, once called the forgotten coast

It is the last part of Florida that has been fully developed. This beautiful region created even more curiosity in Florida, specifically Florida Panhandle.

Panhandle gives a special, heavenly, and affordable outdoor lifestyle in coastal areas with the most known beaches.

Luxurious with the eye-catching beauty of vibrant cities, darling attractions, and wide markets of technology to learn and earn.

In a consistent couple of years, people have come to remake and turn their life cycle in the Panhandle just for the beauty of beaches, fishing, and passion. 

Panhandle is unrestricted for business, and the economy is alluring. But that is not the only reason people desire Florida Panhandle as the perfect place to name home.

Many people were already migrating to Florida, whether they were retiring here or choosing to raise their family in Florida Panhandle.

So if you are interested in relocating somewhere or looking for a nice and pleasant location to spend your time or vacations, consider our recommendations about Florida, especially for the Panhandle. We ensure that you will be thrilled with your decision. 

We have a lot of reasons why you should live in the Panhandle. Let’s start with the most beautiful cities.

Please note that the following cities are not listed in any particular order. These are our favored places to be as we have moved and lived here on the Panhandle for the last year and a half.

Destin – Best Places To Live In Florida Panhandle

Destin might be our personal number one. It’s super fun and got a superb nightlife.

People have bars and restaurants places that are open way into the evening. They have all the bars and restaurants open usually.

So, if you want to go out with friends and family having a good time, you are here may be on vacation, or you just moved here, and you want to figure out what’s there to do.

Just head down to Destin; the harbor walk is awesome during the day and even better during the evenings.

Destin Florida - Best Places to live in Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

Why living in Destin is more recommended?

Destin has the most beautiful white sandy beaches with Emerald Sparkling Waters. The water is warm here. Destin only has about two cold months out of the year, so you get to use the beach all year.

The Emerald Coast or Destin Florida Panhandle area has an amazing school system. All the Programs are outstanding, whether a charter or a magnet school. They deliver something outside of the box and are all top-rated schools. 

A little less interesting but very important is the Florida Homestead Tax Law.

Living at the beach is splendid, but you sometimes get that city feel. But the good news about Destin, Florida, is that it is close to major cities with drivable distance.

See right over into the Gulf onto Crab Island over there. They have live bands, plenty of different environments, and ambiance.

You will very have a lovely time no matter which way you go. 

If you are in Destin as a tourist or a new resident, hit Crab Island. It’s a blast.

Without a doubt, Crab Island is the place to be. Crab Island is just inside the harbor. It’s where everybody gathers on their boats and parties. It’s a ton of fun right there next to Destin, bringing everybody there.

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$454,900
Crime Rate0.5%
Unemployment Rate2%


  • Diverse Economy
  • Stunning Beaches
  • Fishing Village
  • Excellent Schools
  • Fantastic Nightlife


  • Expensive
  • Hurricane-prone area
  • Overcrowding
  • Inadequate public transportation
  • Poor health facilities


One of the most inexpensive best places to live in Florida Panhandle in the whole state of Florida is Pensacola.

Pensacola is a wonderful place to start looking for many who want to call the Emerald Coast home. It’s got a lot to do with it.

It’s got that bigger city feeling compared to the likes of Destin or Walton Beach. Schoolings in Pensacola are dedicated, and you will be confident sending your kids to school. Knowing that they are getting a high-quality education.

Pensacola Florida - FLTrendz

You will have all the blessings of what Pensacola offers without paying insane and extravagant prices.

Some of the other areas on the Emerald Coast charge. So, Pensacola is incredibly affordable.

When you purchase in Pensacola and finally again, much like other places, it has incredible nightlife.

You have better space to spread out and more privacy than other Florida Panhandle Beaches along the coast.

There is a lot of stuff to do. Wonderful activities, restaurants, bars, and everything you want to have is always there to do.

So, whether you are a young man or moving there because you have retired or are a middle-aged person, there is always something for you and your friends and family to do. Never be afraid that you are going to be bored.

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$239,551
Crime Rate3.5%
Unemployment Rate2.4%


  • Recreational destination for retirees
  • Strong job market
  • Perfect healthcare system
  • Affordable living standards
  • Balanced housing market
  • Beautiful white sand and crystal clear water beaches


  • Hotter due to high humidity levels in summer
  • Poor public transit system
  • Hurricanes risks


People here are energetic and concentrated on the “LIVE, WORK, PLAY” motto. Tallahassee is a lively city in the Florida Panhandle.

Known for its rich history, fascinating culture, and stunning natural beauty. Tallahassee offers a plethora of thrilling activities. 

Before considering any option among the best places to live in Florida Panhandle, knowing why anyone should move to this lovely city is a must.

Tallahassee Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

Tallahassee has scenic sights from the observation deck. The museum is a unique blend of wildlife history and cultural exhibits.

Tallahassee is gifted with abundant natural beauty offering a range of outdoor activities.

Visit the Alfred B McClay Garden State Park, where anyone can walk leisurely through beautiful gardens. Enjoy a picnic by the lake or run for a refreshing swim. 

Cascades Park is another must-visit outdoor destination. This expansive park features walking trails, green spaces and a picturesque waterfall.

It’s the perfect spot to de-stress and enjoy the natural beauty of Tallahassee.

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$254,068
Crime Rate3.7%
Unemployment Rate2.6%


  • Rich Cultural History & Diverse Arts Scenes 
  • Quality Education 
  • Amazing weather with natural beauty 
  • Adjacent to major cities and attractions 
  • Affordable City 


  • Expensive Utilities
  • Limited Public Transportation 


Along the Emerald Coast of Florida lies a picture-perfect vacation destination and family-friendly with activities.

The sugar sand beach is for both to romp and relax. This place is right for anyone claiming to be a beach bum.

Speaking of water Panama City Beach offers many ways to get out on the water on chartered boat rides, sailboats, fishing charter speed boats, dolphin cruises, and sunset cruises.

Parasailing is the best option to enjoy the best views from the sky. This beach has intimidating waves that it seems other beaches might not have. 

Panama Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

The city spoke for itself with its unique white sand beaches and 320 days of sunshine.

Over half a million people flocked to Panama City for spring break alone because Panama City holds America’s title of Spring Break Capital

Panama city beach, Florida, became a viable ideal living destination in the best places to live in Florida Panhandle.

Saint Andrews Bay Bridge connects the Sugar Sand and Barrier Island to Panama City proper. Panama City Beach was officially incorporated in Bay County. 

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$191,000
Crime Rate0.6%
Unemployment Rate2.7 %


  • Beautiful Beaches, Parks, and Sunsets 
  • Plenty of outdoor activities 
  • Wonderful weather 
  • Delicious fish and seafood 
  • Affordable living costs


  • Too many tourists 

Fort Walton Beach

It’s about an hour east of Pensacola, and it’s what you name home. We really can’t recommend it enough. Check it out and see if this is the right area for you.

Pretty much anywhere you live in Fort Walton Beach, you will only be a few minutes away from the beach. 15-20 minutes away from the recreation that’s offered in Destin.

The Best Part is: An Incredibly Affordable Area

It’s not as hustle and bustle as Destin, even though it’s not. But still, you are adjacent to Destin.

Fort Walton Beach Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

You have all the luxuries you can get to Destin relatively quickly. It takes about 20 minutes without traffic. Got an amazing atmosphere as it is a growing town.

It is nearest to the Eglin air force base as well as Hurlburt. So, if you are in the military or retiring, it is the perfect match, where you need to be.

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$348,275
Crime Rate2.3%
Unemployment Rate2%


  • Low employment rate
  • Wonderful beaches
  • No pollution
  • High Education Standards


  • Risk of Hurricanes
  • Limited Shopping


Crestview is perfect for those looking to live in Florida Panhandle but want the small-town charm with all the big city amenities.

This quaint city proffers a warm and welcoming ambiance for those considering moving to Crestview. 

If you drive north about 30 miles, you will run into Crestview. Crestview has much to present its residents greatly in the future.

Not only does Crestview brag about the excellent quality of life, but it also offers a thriving business domain and a strong sense of community.

Crestview Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

Due to its central location in the region, offering easy access to major and popular cities, including Fort Walton, Pensacola, and Destin. 

The central attraction of Crestview for residents is that they move there to live out that country lifestyle with something they desire.

Its appeal lies in its pleasant and friendly communities, stunning surroundings, and abundant amenities. It caters to diverse lifestyles and stands alone.

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$207,412
Crime Rate2.6%
Unemployment Rate2%


  • Affordable City
  • The unemployment rate is negligible
  • High Schooling
  • No Pollution


  • Risk of hurricanes
  • Does not have high-end luxury


Navarre is found just on the west side of Fort Walton Beach and just East of Pensacola.

Navarre retains beautiful beaches that are voted the most restful places in all of Florida. Navarre is well known for its beautiful Gulf Coast Waters and Emerald Waters. 

Navarra has a great location; locals are just 45 minutes from downtown Pensacola and 45 minutes from downtown Destin. It’s just right in between where you want to be.

Navarre Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

Navarre beaches are beautiful white sand, and the water is so clean. Beautiful white sand and crystal clear water make a hard combination to beat.

This beach uplifts tranquility, will take anybody away from daily grinds, and lets you look up at the water and uncover how vast this world is. This beach is very unlike the beaches of the Panhandle.

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$474,900
Crime Rate2.4%
Unemployment Rate4.5 %


  • Warm year-round weather
  • Sugar white sand and green waters
  • Great Business Prospects
  • High Education Standards
  • Affordable Area


  • Expensive Utilities
  • Risk of Hurricanes
  • Limited Public Transport


Seaside is located along the Emerald Coast of Flordia. And Seaside is between Destin and Panama City Beach.

Its cute cottages, meticulously planned streetscapes, and lush green spaces inspire planned communities worldwide. 

Seaside is a picturesque and charming coastal town nestled along the pristine white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s both quaint and quiet. Spending time at the Seaside is like stepping back; time spent here is certainly well spent. 

Seaside Florida Panhandle - FLTrendz

Seaside is a unique combo of traditional and modern elements. Creating a truly one-of-a-kind Coastal experience. It’s timeless architecture and vibrant community have made Seaside a beloved destination for visitors and residents alike. 

Seaside is a thriving community that’s beloved for its unique charm and character between the pastel-colored houses, white picket fences bustling town center, and gorgeous sandy beaches.

One of the best things about the Seaside is its wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities. The town is surrounded by miles of Pristine White Sand Beaches

Value-Adding Insights

Median Home Value$1.5 million
Crime Rate1 %
Unemployment Rate2.3 %


  • Enjoyable climate 
  • Affordable real estate 
  • High-standard Education 
  • Unbeatable lifestyle and nature 


  • Distant from major cities 

The Final Verdict 

Panhandle is a growing region, and many families, especially the military, are moving here to find their homes in Florida; for anyone looking for affordable housing, that might be a quick guide to make a better decision for a place to look at`.

It’s not far from anything, and the major cities are adjacent. So you will be very close to everything that you want to be. After a deep study, this quick guide will make you willing to buy a home and live with your family. 

Certainly, check out the guide 8 best places to live in Florida Panhandle; many different things will be available.  


Reasonable living standards, the beauty of beaches, and versatile career opportunities made panhandle Florida an ideal place to live. Many people, retirees, families, and young professionals move daily to Panhandle, Florida.

Tallahassee, Destin, Seaside, Pensacola, Panama, and Navarre are the places that make the Panhandle ideal. 

Panhandle is located in the northwest part of Florida, and its cities include:

  • Destin 
  • Tallahassee 
  • Pensacola 
  • Panama 
  • Fort Walton Beach 
  • Crestview 
  • Milton 
  • Niceville 
  • Marianna 
  • Apalachicola 
  • Port St. Joe 
  • Gulf Breeze 

Carrabelle, Mexico Beach, Cedar Key, Blountstown, Port St. Joe, Pensacola, Destin, Tallahassee, and Seaside are the nicest cities in Florida Panhandle, with rich opportunities to settle and grow.

Destin is one of the best places to live in the Florida Panhandle that offers a dynamic feel that people call home. Everything is easily available with incredibly affordable living costs. 

Fort Walton Beach is a small coastal town with the most affordable living style full of necessary facilities on the Florida Panhandle’s water. 

Panhandle is the northwestern part of Florida and stretches along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. 

Florida Panhandle is almost 200 miles long and 50-100 miles wide. Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the south, Georgia on the north, and Alabama on the west. 

A wide diversity of options to opt for is there. You can check out this to stay in Panhandle according to your needs and easiness. 

Fort Walton Beach is the best place to live in the Florida panhandle. That has a versatile beauty with the most inexpensive luxuries. 

Pensacola is part of the Panhandle, and the living style is Western here. 

Pensacola, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach are the neighboured and most major cities near Destin, Florida. 

Bonita Springs, Tallahassee, Fort Myers, Siesta Key, Naples, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, and Crystal River are the major cities on the Gulf side of Florida.  

Yes, there are alligators in Destin, Florida, and it attracts tourists worldwide. 

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