How Much Is An Abortion In Florida? Abortion Cost Guide

When women become pregnant and, for any reason, want to abort their pregnancy, they should first thoroughly understand the potential risks associated with abortion. Additionally, they should know all the details of the abortion procedures. Along with this, they can find out how much is an abortion in Florida.

Abortion Cost by Trimester

First Trimester


(0-13 Weeks LMP)

Second Trimester

Up to $1,000

(14-21 Weeks LMP)

Third Trimester

Up to $1,250

(24 Weeks LMP)

How much is an abortion in Florida? 

Throughout the entire USA, mainly in Florida, abortion regulations have been undergoing continuous changes. Florida state has restricted private and state-funded Medicaid insurance from covering abortion costs. However, these insurances are eligible to cover abortion costs in cases of incest, rape, or when the pregnancy causes a threat to a woman’s health. In such cases, these insurances would cover the entire cost of the abortion. 

According to our well-researched and in-depth analysis of FLTrendz, the cost of pregnancy termination has potentially increased in 2023 compared to the past 5 years. If we were to make a comparison, the costs have increased by more than 25% up to this point.

However, the total cost of an abortion depends on a variety of different factors, and these factors vary based on each woman’s exceptional situation. Factors such as how far along the pregnancy is, the type of abortion the woman chooses, the number of doctor visits required and whether their fees are included in the initial cost, where in Florida you reside, and whether you have insurance coverage all play a role in determining the total cost of pregnancy termination.

Types of Abortion Procedure And Costs 

There are different types of abortions, each with its own set of risks and costs. Before an abortion, it’s important to carefully consider the abortion procedure, its cost, and potential side effects to learn more about your options.

Morning after Pill

One type of abortion procedure is the ‘morning after pill’ with a high-dosage birth control pill. If taken within 72 hours after intercourse, this birth control pill can prevent the formation of an embryo inside the uterus, effectively ending the pregnancy. Abortion pill cost $200-$400.

Possible Side Effects 

Terminating a pregnancy from a birth control pill can have side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, headaches, vomiting, and disruptions to the menstrual cycle.

Medical Abortion 

Medical Abortion - FLTrendz

Medical abortion is another type of abortion, and this method is also called the abortion pill procedure. During this procedure, pregnancies of up to 10 weeks (70 days) in women are terminated using FDA-approved abortion pills. This procedure is also known as RU-486. 

It involves taking two different drugs in separate doses. The first dose blocks progesterone, which is a hormone necessary for the survival of pregnancy. Without progesterone hormone, the embryo cannot survive, and it dies.

The second drug is used to remove the terminated pregnancy, expelling the embryo from the uterus along with blood. 

How much is an abortion pill in Florida? 

The cost of a medical abortion ranges from $550 to $650.

Possible Side Effects 

During this process, cramps can occur, and cramping and bleeding are common side effects. Sometimes, bleeding can continue for 9-16 days, and in some cases, it lasts up to 30 days, but this is usually not a cause for concern.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, weakness, dizziness, and headaches are common side effects of this procedure. Surgery may be an option if serious complications arise, such as uncontrolled bleeding, but it’s essential to consult a doctor.

Surgical Abortion Procedure

Surgical abortion involves the opening of the cervix, and medical instruments are inserted into the uterus to remove the pregnancy.

Aspiration/Suction Abortion 

Suction Abortion - FLTrendz

Surgical termination or aspiration abortion is performed for pregnancies up to 13 weeks of pregnancy from the last menstrual period (LMP). Local anesthesia is aided to reduce pain.  

In this vacuum aspiration abortion method, the cervix is opened, and a vacuum-like tube is inserted into the uterus, which is attached to a suction device to remove the embryo.

Terminating a pregnancy using the suction method costs approximately $700 to $1000.

D&E (Dilation and Evacuation) 

Surgical Abortion Procedure - FLTrendz

For pregnancies beyond 13 weeks LMP, second-trimester terminations using medication abortion Dilation and Evacuation procedure is performed. The typical cost for D&E is approximately $1250.

Before starting the procedure, local anesthesia, oral or intravenous pain medications, and sedatives are often used. In this procedure, the cervix is opened more widely compared to first-trimester terminations. The main difference from first-trimester methods is using forceps to grasp fetal parts, and the baby is removed in pieces. 

Second-trimester surgical termination is riskier than first-trimester ones.

D&E After Viability: After 21 weeks or more, this procedure can last 2-3 days because it causes a severe risk to the mother’s health or life. 

Pregnancy termination in cases of D&E after viability typically costs up to $4000.

General anesthesia is generally recommended if available. In this procedure, drugs are injected into the fetus and amniotic fluid before stopping the baby’s heartbeat. The cervix is widely opened, the amniotic sac is broken, and forceps are used to dismember the fetus. 

In ‘intact D&E,’ the fetus’s legs are first removed, and then the skull is crushed to remove the fetus in one piece.

Restrictions for abortion in Florida 

In Florida, late abortions, meaning abortions beyond 24 weeks of pregnancy, are illegal and restricted. However, if the case involves a severe risk to the mother’s health or life due to the pregnancy, then abortion can be performed based on the doctor’s recommendation, even for pregnancies beyond 24 weeks.

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