Best Bakeries in Florida

A walk in front of a bakery makes you feel good. The smell of sweet, warm baked goods such as bread, cakes, and cupcakes changes your mood. Some of us visit bakeries for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and graduation cakes, while others prefer to buy fresh bread. If you have a sweet tooth or want fresh bread, you should not miss the chance to visit these delightful and best bakeries in Florida.

51 Best Bakeries In Florida

Best Bakery In Florida - FLTrendz

Buttermilk Bakery

The Bakery is well known for its delicious taste. It offers warm pastries, croissants, tarts, and pies. If you’re looking for a mouth-watering breakfast, visit this small-batch Bakery.

Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery is famous for its warm cakes and pastries. It is located in Orlando and is well-known all over the United States. The prices of this Bakery are higher than usual, but when you taste its item, you’ll not regret it.

Benjamin French Bakery and Cafe

Benjamin French Bakery and Café is popular for its taste, which offers a menu including pastries, Coffee, quiches, and light fair. It is located in Orlando and is known as an attractive spot for French cuisine.

Sweet By Holly Orlando

Sweet by Holly Orlando is famous for its delicious cupcakes. It has 50 flavors of cupcakes. You can also get frozen yogurt from this place.

Sweetness Bakeshop and Café

If you’re keen to taste bakery items, you should consider this place because this café provides brownies, sundaes, cakes, wines, Coffee, and dessert shots.

Simply cupcakes of Naples

This place is famous for a vast variety of Macarons and bundt cakes.

Buttercream cupcakes and Coffee

Buttercream cupcakes and Coffee provides 18 flavors, including mocha, white choc mocha, iced caramel latte, chocolate peanut butter, hot chai spice latte, iced tea, and mocha frosted Coffee.

Sweet Theory Baking Co

In Florida, Sweet Theory Baking Co. is a well-known place for its delicious donuts, cupcakes, and a variety of cakes for different occasions.

Blue Bird Bake Shop

Blue Bird Bake Shop is enriched with luscious cupcakes, fresh cookies, and brownies. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a new taste, go ahead!

Paisley Café

Paisley café is a restaurant provides real food along with pleasant-tasting desserts. 

The cupcake Spot

In Florida, this is a spot where you can grab different flavors of fresh cupcakes and enjoy their taste.

The Cake Shop

The Cake shop specializes in Italian cake, Boston cream, and chunky monkey. They also provide pond cakes, cheesecakes, pies, torts, and whatever you demand.

Grampa’s Bakery and Restaurant

This Restaurant is a place which provides homemade pies, doughnuts, cookies, and cannolis.

Dolce Vita Bakery Café

Dolce Vita Bakery Café is a famous place for its homemade desserts and different kinds of fresh salads.


Uppercrust bestows its food services through French tartles, cakes, and breads.

Sweeter Days Bake Shop

This bake shop makes lovely cupcakes in adorable ways. You can have different flavors of cupcakes from here.

Croissant Gourmet

Croissant is a French Bakery and is famous for its delicious pastries.

Tony’s Off Third

Tony’s Off Third is a popular Bakery with specialty food and sweets.

Gideon’s Bakehouse 

Gideon’s Bakehouse is located in Orlando. It has been declared as “Best Cookies in Florida” by national foodie website Delish, and Travelpulse has crowned this place as “Best Cookie in the World.” Their most popular item is a gooey chocolate chip cookie because they focus on small batching cakes and maintain their product quality. You can’t miss the chance to taste its 8-inch-tall slice of cake in flavors like peanut butter cup Andes mint.

La Segunda Central Bakery

La Segunda Central Bakery has been providing fresh Cuban Bread and Pastries since 1915 in Yabor City. This century-old landmark uses time-honored practices to maintain quality and draws customers across the state. Don’t forget to taste its loaf of famous Cuban bread.

Cinotti’s Bakery

This Bakery has been serving sweets since 1964, specializing in seasonal doughnuts.

This 5th-generation family business is well known for Coffee, strawberry, key lime pie, and pumpkin doughnuts. We can’t resist trying some of their cakes, pies, pastries, and cookies. When you visit this place, don’t forget to bring their homemade hot buns, croissants, bread, or unicron butterfilled.

Bunnie Cakes

It’s hard to find a vegan, organic bakery as good as Bunnie Cakes, located in Miami. It is famous for its mini cupcakes of different flavors like guava and cheese, coconut, and cinnamon sugar. A great place to visit where you can enjoy bakery goods. They also have Bunny cake studios where you can decorate your cake and cupcakes.

Fortuna Bakery and Café

Fortuna Bakery and Café is a place where you can enjoy Columbian baked goods, pastries, and desserts.

Yalaha Bakery

This Bakery is located in the countryside, just 45 minutes northwest of Orlando. This Bakery uses organic natural sources to make its high-quality products and maintain the honors of tradition. Yalaha Bakery is well known for its German products.

Mauricio Faedo’s Bakery

This is a well-known place for its best Cuban bread in Florida. In 1955, the famous product was bread, with its outside crispy crust made up of a warm, fluffy interior, which drives its worth across the state. 

Blue Bird Bakeshop

Blue Bird Bakeshop is the best place for bakery lovers. You can enjoy 50 flavors of cupcakes, cheesecakes and brownies. If you’re looking for something different, try its whoopie, mini pies, and peanut butter bar with chocolate ganache.

Tupelo’s Bakery and Café

Tupelo’s Bakery and Café provides homemade bread, pastries, and sweets. It is located about a 30-minute drive from Tallahassee.

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop wins the hearts of dessert fans by offering its menu, including freshly baked pies, cakes, cheesecakes, and cookies. You can’t resist their Funfetti Birthday cake. If you are planning a cheat day, you must not miss the chance to go there.

Einstein Bros Bagels

This place is famous for its delicious bagels in different flavors. You can have fresh bagels, which they make after every 4 hours. 

DG Doughnuts

This is the place where you can get special doughnuts with all flavors of toppings and sizes.

Bonjour Bakery

This Bakery is known as a piece of France in Miami, where you can have breakfast, lunch, dessert, and cakes to fulfill your appetite.

P is For Pie Bake Shop

It is a famous bakery with a specialty of sweet and savory pies. They provide pies and cinnamon rolls that are made by hand. You can ask for the flavors you crave, an amazing place for lunch.

Mimas Bakery

This Bakery provides fresh baked goods like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, truffles, and whatever you want. You can also enjoy your breakfast here.

Le Petit Sweet

Le Petit Sweet is famous for its cakes, especially wedding cakes, and desserts for special occasions that are not just delicious but also incredibly beautiful.

Alessi Bakery

Alessi Bakery offers a menu of delicious pastries, cupcakes, and Cuban sandwiches. Also, they provide catering services for special events like parties and working lunches. They have been providing their services since 1912.

Yeli’s Bakery

You can have all desserts for all occasions from here. They offer products from rainbow jelly. Mousse, Milhojas, Flan cakes. This Bakery has a variety of flavors and sizes.

Sister Honey’s

This Bakery makes fresh items with premium ingredients. You can have cold and baked pies, pastries, and more.

Boardwalk Bakery

This Bakery offers fresh pastries, Coffee and sandwiches, and outdoor patio seats.


Cinnabon serves cinnamon rolls and other baked goods. Their specialty is frozen beverages.

Sprinkles Disney Springs

This Bakery is located in Disney Springs. Sprinkle Disney Springs offers pastries, chocolate bunny, carrot cake, and lemon blueberry. It is a famous tourist spot.

Pao Gostoso Bakery

This Bakery has a sweet and unforgettable taste that will change your mood. They provide fresh baked products, including breads and pastries.

Amor em Pedacos Bakery

This is a famous spot to enjoy traditional sweet and savory Brazilian baked goods and Coffee.

Main Street Bakery

This is a busy counter-serve bakery located at the Magic Kingdom theme park that offers a menu of iced drinks and baked goods.


Dunkin is famous for its signature breakfast items and variety of coffee drinks.

Amorette’s Patisserie

Amorette’s Patisserie has various cute and delicious pastries inside with a French-style exterior.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

This delightful Bakery specializes in kosher, vegan, gluten-free, wheat, and soy-free items. They offer delicious, sweet items during your stay at Walt Disney World.

Croissant Moon Bakery

This Bakery serves freshly baked items, including croissants and other pastries. The staff is friendly and you can grab your order drive-thru.

My French Café

This French Bakery serves fresh and flavorful food with standout items. They provide a variety of delicious crepes, pastries, and sandwiches.

Croissant Gourmet Bakery

This Bakery specializes in pastries, crepes, and Coffee in Florida. They also serve some luscious desserts like cakes, flans, and tarts.

The Glass Knife

The Glass Knife serves sweets, Coffee, and saviors in feminine space. A sweet tooth can satisfy its craving with sweet treats, wine, bubbles, Coffee, beers, and doughnuts.

De Azucar Bakery

This is a small but famous bakery which offers Coffee pastries. It also serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches. This Bakery changes its menu on a daily basis. So, if you want to taste different things, this Bakery is sure to have something that will satisfy your craving.


The baking industry feeds the world through mixing traditions and innovation and provides opportunities for employees economically. Consumers demand fresh and high-quality products, which increase their sales. People love baked goods, either cakes or breads, cupcakes, and other baked products.

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