Orca Whales Florida Keys Attack In 2023

A pod of orcas was spotted just miles offshore, and the fact that it was captured on cell phone video makes it even more remarkable. Orca Whales Florida Keys Attack happened on a Saturday.

Orca Whales Florida Keys Attack

South Florida voter Mike Slaughter was fishing about 18 to 20 nautical miles from Key Largo on Monday in about 1,700 feet of water. He was out with his friends on his boat, approximately 20 miles offshore near Key Largo, when he witnessed a playful group of orcas approaching his vessel. He couldn’t believe what they were seeing and experiencing, nor could Cetacean expert Dr. Jeremy Kiscoff from FIU’s Institute of Environment, who came close to the orcas as they seemed curious.

We were about the drop for swords and saw the birds. The whales had just killed something, two of his fishing buddies jumped into the water with snorkeling gear to get a better view.


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, killer whales are seen in Norway, Antarctica, and the northern Pacific Ocean.

“I was just in awe when I saw the video and very jealous of those fishermen who got to see these animals and document them,” he said.

Last Saturday we were fishing offshore and saw birds. We went to inspect and found a pod of about 7 orcas.

Mile Slaughter
Orca Whales Attack - FLTrendz

One scientist I spoke with believes these orcas might be a subset of the highly elusive Caribbean orcas, typically found near the Lesser Antilles in South America, that may have traveled here in search of food. It is alarming that they would be in these areas. I don’t know if alarming is the best word there, but are they searching for new foraging grounds, expanding their ranges because of shifting habitats due to warmer waters?

All of these factors could be at play. These orcas can be part of the same group sighted in the Bahamas. Regardless, what an amazing capture for those boaters! It certainly grabbed the attention of the scientific community.

Orca Whales: Are They Dangerous?

Killer whales, or orcas, are smart and social marine mammals – famous for their black and white appearance and big dorsal fins.

The Orca is the biggest type of oceanic dolphin. There are 50,000 Orcas around the world.

Killer whales are found worldwide, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. They live in family groups called pods, led by a dominant female.

Killer whales are predators that eat fish, squid, seals, and more, and they have clever ways of hunting, with some groups having exceptional techniques.

Orcas in the wild don’t harm humans unprovoked. But there have been accidents in captivity, raising ethical questions about keeping them in small spaces.

Killer whales help protect marine ecosystems, and their protection is important to maintaining the delicate balance of ocean life. Understanding these magnificent creatures and respecting their natural habitat ensures their survival and well-being.

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In Antarctica, Norway, and Alaska they are seen, but orcas aren’t only in cold places. They’ve also been seen in warm waters, like the Gulf of Mexico and Florida’s eastern coast.

One of the orcas came out of the water with a big piece of meat, and you could smell it. It was amazing. They were having breakfast, and some thought it might be a white shark because of the smell.

Orcas are usually friendly to humans. Orcas are smart and can sense our intelligence. They won’t hurt you unless you bother them.

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