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In Orlando, Florida, Career Source, with 21 local workforce development boards of Florida, celebrated the success of their summer program. Career Source of Central Florida offered stipends or wages to more than 7,000 young Floridians aged 14-24 who participated, experienced invaluable skills, and built a path to a career. The aim was to provide an opportunity for Floridian’s youngsters to improve their skills on hands-on experience and employability.

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Florida’s Governor has expressed their mission to make the state’s #1 workforce station by 2023. They feature distinctive characteristics of providing career opportunities and hands-on work experience before the student completes their graduation.

“Giving young people, particularly those who face economic and other challenges, access to career education and opportunities to gain skills can be a gamechanger,” said Adrienne Johnston, President and CEO of CareerSource Florida. “These youth will be returning to school or continuing in the workforce with new skills and knowledge that will have a long-term impact on their futures.” 

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This summer program of 3-9 weeks offered by the workforce board lets students find their best career as per their interest and make them experienced in their interested skills.

Employers from different sectors helped students learn employability, financial independence, and skill set. Students gained experience in other fields, including government or non-profit organizations, finance, hospitality, IT manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, etc.

Career Source Summer Youth Employment Program, is the ultimate way for youngsters to get prepared with the best experience in their desired career skills.

Career Source Summer Youth Program – Shaping the Next Generation

The Summer Youth Program at Career Source of Central Florida is an excellent opportunity for youth and high school students to learn about the world of work.

Summer youth programs’ mission is to allow young folks the opportunity to gain some valuable work experience and enable businesses to help their company flourish.

Career Source of Central Florida has served thousands of youth and changed their lives; they offer everything to young folks to make them a valuable assets for the Florida Community and themselves, too, so they can get the ideal life they desire forever.

They not only provide valuable jobs or work experience but also impact their lives with a significant positive sign as young folks, after training, feel confident to serve the community and make good money for their best of life.

At Career Source of Central Florida, they do real jobs on work hours and get paid with real money.

The best thing about Career Source of Central Florida is that they request the big businesses to entertain their trainees with real-life experience, and the companies treat those young folks as regular members.

Before deployment to the different work sites, the youth will be at CareerSource to hold a week-long work readiness training.

The young folks learn including:

  • How to build resumes
  • How to work in office environments
  • How to communicate with employers
  • How to communicate with employees

Work Readiness training goes over soft skills, what to do in the workplace, should the trainee after their training be there early, they should be there on time; Career Source tries to teach everything young folks need to know before going.

For a good portion of youth, the Career Source summer opportunity provides work experience, but it means a lot more for a different population of youth.

Who is Career Source of Central Florida For?

Career Source of Central Florida wants people who have a heart for their industry, are passionate about what they do, and are excited to engage young adults to be part of that.

Career Source of Central Florida is paying the individual student to experience work during the summer for the business. The business is getting very eager, very well-prepared, and very interested young adults to be able to work in their company for the next four, five, and six weeks during summer.

Real-life work experience on the job makes the experience track more unique. The summer youth program changed many students’ opinions regarding their careers; they wanted to pursue some unrealistic or traditional things as a career, but after the experience and training, they are thinking out of the box and can now do more.

They have the potential to do more at a time, and directly they can communicate more confidently and effectively with people. That’s how they are now ready to get somewhere with their life.

About Career Source of Central Florida – Your Partner in Career Development

The Career Source track is unique because it’s got a single industry focus. The students pick what type of industry they want to learn more about and get interested in. Career Source of Central Florida team has people go into advanced manufacturing, or students can look at a construction or coding track.

The students and trainees get to go on-site and see all these different things happening. They come back one day a week at Career Source of Central Florida, working on resumes, working with their coaches, and summarizing how that week went.

Career Source of Central Florida offers opportunities for youth to explore their community and learn more. They want to let their child earn some dollars to see the reward for the Sweat Equity they will put in because it’s a commitment.

The Career Source program is unique because it has so much heart, and they work on relationships. So many questions come from students after hours on the cell phones of team Career Source at night; the team consistently remains active and available to respond to every student timely so that students can feel that they have someone to they can talk over these things that they may not have that resource at home.

At Career Source of Central Florida, you are going to have a good time because you are going to be meeting with other high school students, you are going to be immersed in industries that you have never done before, and you are learning about the world of work and all the potential that lies ahead of you in your careers.

Industry Insights

Central Florida Companies are facing their second year of worker shortages, slim picking of resumes, and tight competition as employees pack their bags and head for greener pastures.

According to Career Source, Central Florida’s President, this new balance of power is still ongoing. They are projected to need another couple hundred thousand workers in the next five or six years.

Central Florida’s unemployment rate is below 4%, or what economists consider normal. Instead, recruiters say many companies are expanding, and many baby boomers are retiring.

There are just fewer people in the market actively looking for work. And for all the housing woes outsiders are bringing to Orlando. The city is going to need more people moving in.

State jobs data predicts Central Florida will need another 210,000 workers by 2025. That’s 200 workers moving in every day for the next three years. It’s a perfect storm that individuals looking for work can now compare sectors to sectors.

Career Source’s Advice for Workers

The leverage that youth and individuals have right now is unprecedented. And so, the advice taking advantage, look past the salary numbers and think about negotiating some of those other things right work-life balance, job flexibility, and the company culture. Youth have that leverage right now; use it.

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